CBD Wellness Bundle

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With our CBD Wellness Bundle we have addressed both your physical and emotion well being.

- 300 mg CBD hemp isolate tincture will help with stress management, pain management, and sleep issues as well as helping keep your body in homeostasis and boosting your immune system. CBD is know for its anti viral properties.

- 30 mg CBD Hand Sanitizer. We infuse hemp isolate CBD, which is know for its antibacterial properties, with 70% alcohol. Then we add witch hazel and aloe vera to keep your hands soft plus anti bacterial lavender and tea tree essential oils for scenting as well as germ killing!

- 60 mg all natural CBD artisan soap has no detergents or sulfates to dry out your skin. Turmeric helps sooth skin and tea tree oil is anti bacterial. The CBD will help with skin issues, inflammation, and mild pain relief.

Our Holiday bundle is gift packaged with the option of adding a personal message.